Gerts Rune

My mission is:
“To inspire people to see changes as part of life and look for the positive in them”

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As a 16-year-old I got diagnosed with bone cancer. After 4 months of chemotherapy they amputated my left leg.

Against all odds, I fought my way back, I was physically healthy, but mentally I had to overcome the incident that changed my life forever.

I put all my energy into swimming and quickly I rose the elite level. The success I got in swimming was good motivation for me. Life desire returned and already six years later, I attended the Paralympic Games.

Sports at a high level still gives me a kick and I am the only Scandinavian with one leg who completed an IronMan.

My career is diverse. For years I worked at the Maersk Group (shipping) with sales and management.

But my ambitions were larger; I have entrepreneurial blood in my body and therefore I started my own business.

In the recent years it became clear to me what I am really passionate about, namely to use myself and my story
to create inspiration and motivation in other people.

Therefore I have taken training in communication, behavior and mentaltraining and since 2009 I have had my
own speaking and seminars business.

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